Tate & Lyle Cup/Plate Competition

Each year at the Selby & District Short Mat AGM, a draw is made for the Tate & Lyle Cup Competition.

All teams are entered in the draw. Those teams that are knocked out in the in the Preliminary and First rounds of the Competition are then entered into the Plate Competition.

Should a team fail to play their first advertised Tate & Lyle Cup game they will not be entered into the Plate Competition. Rule w.e.f.8/14

This season :- 2019/2020

Church Fenton A team have been drawn against Stewart away. 

Church Fenton B are at home to Riccall Owls. 

Both the A & B teams came through the first Round and will go into the draw for the 2nd Round which takes place at the Tuesday Triples on the 7th January 2020.

 Second Round matches have to be played by the 21st February 2020.

   Tate & Lyle Cup Plate Competition

          Preliminary Round Preliminary Round

North Duffield A 41 V Holme Moor 6 Holme Moor 15 V Sutton on Derwent 19

Sutton on Derwent 15 V North Duffield B 27

 First Round by 31st December   Quarter Finals by 21st February

North Duffield A 33 V North Duffield B 24 Sutton on Derwent   V   Wilberfoss

Wilberfoss 15 V Market Weighton C 28 Selby BC  (walkover)    Rule w.e.f.8/14

Selby BC 15 Melbourne 31 Snaith & Cowick    V    Riccall Owls

Riccall Eagles Escrick (walkover)  Rule w.e.f.8/14 Seaton Ross    V    Stewart

Market Weighton A 28 V Snaith & Cowick 19

Church Fenton B 23 V Riccall Owls 19

Seaton Ross 12 V Selby WMC 29

Stewart 14 Church Fenton A 27

Quarter Finals by 21st February        

Selby WMC V Escrick

Church Fenton A V Church Fenton B

Melbourne V Market Weighton A

North Duffield A V Market Weighton C

Tate & Lyle Cup Semi-finals Plate Competition Semi-finals

to be played at Bubwith 27th February To be played at Bubwith 5th March

Melbourne V North Duffield A Sutton or Wilberfoss V Selby BC

Selby WMC V Church Fenton A Snaith & Cowick V Stewart


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